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Everything is just a HABIT.

A Habit is a routine behaviour and a choice that we deliberately make at some point, and then stop thinking about, but continue doing, often every day.

It starts off right from the time we wake up to find that many of these items are our daily health habits like washing your face, drinking morning coffee, brushing your teeth, and so on. In short, our life today is essentially the sum of our habits.

COFFEE :D…  Coffee is my drink, Anytime and Every time! I always thought I can give up anything, but not Coffee.

Individuals can have different habits. They might as well want to give up some of them at certain point of time. Each habit could have a very different effect altogether why one wants to give it up. Giving up coffee is totally different from giving up overeating for an individual. This is because each person’s habits are driven by different cravings.