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GSOC – Melange Responsive UI Redesign

I propose to redesign the UI/UX of the Melange platform. For 5 years now, i guess the GSOC portal has been looking the same. There is lot of scope of improving the user experience and look and feel of the portal. I am looking forward to take that as my project for my summer with GSOC 14. Hope to bring a new experience for the GSOC’ers in the coming years.

1) Basics

1.1) Write a small introduction to yourself.

I am Russel. Right from my undergrad i have a craze for programming and i have explored different programming languages and kinds. i have been applying for last two pref years GSOC and i failed to make it in. This time i am determined to make it.


W3C Payswarm Proposal

BRIEF – Gsoc 2013

This is Russel Nickson.

I am a 23 year old lad from India with a great programming passion.

I am currently pursuing my masters in College of Engineering, Anna University, Chennai. I am from computer science background. I have a great interest for anything which relates to technology. I have had my experience of programming across different platforms which include Android, python, PHP, Java, Javascript, C, C++, to discover that my ultimate interest lie with web-technology.