W3C Payswarm Proposal

- russel

BRIEF – Gsoc 2013

This is Russel Nickson.

I am a 21 year old lad from India with a great programming passion.

I am currently pursuing my masters in College of Engineering, Anna University, Chennai. I am from computer science background. I have a great interest for anything which relates to technology. I have had my experience of programming across different platforms which include Android, python, PHP, Java, Javascript, C, C++, to discover that my ultimate interest lie with web-technology.

That’s when I started my startup, webdefy, to do innovative designs and web-development for client requirements. Since then I have been working on web projects balancing my time between college and work. But, I have never got a chance to contribute to open source community. Now that I see an opportunity to contribute solid code which will be useful for many developers across the globe in near future.

I have always wanted to working on projects with web payments. The project has its importance in the fact that web is becoming more powerful day by day and lots of sales happens online these days which will only increase. The project intends to bring up a new community of contributors to web who can rely on income from the content they contribute. Working on this project will help me give me unmatched knowledge over the coming months.  And also, I’m excited to contribute to open source community through W3C, which would reach many developers.

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