OSM Pyroute Proposal

- russel

Brief :
This is Russel Nickson.
I am a 21 year old lad from India with a great programming passion.
I am currently pursuing my masters in College of Engineering, Anna University, Chennai, India. I had computer science major in my undergrad and I am currently pursing M.Tech Remote Sensing (GIS being my favourite subject).
I have a great interest for anything which relates to technology. I have had my experience of programming across different platforms which include Android, python, PHP, Java, Javascript, C, C++. I am fond of maps as since early days google maps where launched and were open.
Recently, I came to know about openstreetmap.org and found it to be too good for open source. Reading more about it, I came to apps like FourSquare and Facebook Maps are also built using open street maps. And that is awesome! I am eager to contribute to openstreetmap.org given a chance.

Name : Russel Nickson T

Emails : me@russel.in

Websites/blog/OSM user page : http://russel.in ,

List of Computer Languages known (please rate strength in the scale of 10):

Python – 7
C, C++, Java – 5
Android – 3
Details of any previous computer programming projects you have been involved in :

1. Komparify.com – June 2011 to Dec 2011 – http://www.komparify.com/

I worked as a student intern building a blackberry application from scratch for their web application, Komparify.com.
Reference :
Mr. Jigar Doshi – jigardoshi@gmail.com
Mr. Ankit Chhajer – ankitchhajer@cheenilabs.com

2. Effect Works – Jan 2012 to Feb 2012 – http://www.effectworks.com/

I worked for Effect Works as a student intern on a experimentation project of building their own android application. Effect works expertise in designing UI while my role was to build the android applications integrating their designs. When need arose I was also doing back end server programming for them with Python/Django.

Reference :
Mr. Narayanan Hariharan – narayanan@effectworks.com
Mr. Gokul Visweswaran – gokul@threesea.com

3. Mini Project – Pre-Final year

“Beat The Trains” – https://github.com/russelnickson/Meet-the-Trains

Description :
“Beat The Trains” is an android application for the local train users which provides the user with all the details regarding the local trains and train stations.

Specification :
1) Displays train timetables for all the stations.
2) Locates nearest train station.
3) Provides approximate time left for next trains arrival.
4) Enables user to set remainders for train arrivals.

4. Project – https://github.com/russelnickson/Python-Tutor

“Artificial Intelligence Based Tutor” – A new learning technique.

Description :
“Artificial Intelligence Based Tutor” is a AIML based chatbot which behaves like a tutor.

Specification :
i. AIML stands for Artificial Intelligence markup Language. It is used in the project for Natural Language Processing.
ii. The project is implemented as a desktop app built in python.
iii. The proposed tutor is an innovative learning technique which will benefit self-paced learning and is also interactive to make the learning more fun.
Reference :
Mr. Dorai Thodla – dorait@imorph.com (Serial Entrepreneur)

OSM Project proposal: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Pyroute

To work on the pyroute to overcome its limitation which are as follows:
– Doesn’t store routing data when you exit and restart the program
– Cached map images never deleted
– Doesn’t store your position on the map when you exit and restart
– GeoRSS disabled by default (because it doesn’t cache the downloads yet)

Time Available to Work on Project:
I will have to spend 4 to 6 hours for the M.Tech course on the weekdays which I am currently pursuing. Other than that, I will devote my entire productive hours for gsoc. Apart from that I do follow a routine, which includes my regular play/gym and the like time throughout the week which i will plan accordingly so that I get maximum time for Gsoc. The bottom line is that Gsoc gets top priority and 40 hours per week will only be bare minimum.

Schedule for project completion:
May 5 – May 12 : Study existing Pyroute
May 12 – May 27 : Get familiarized with working with Pyroute
<-Hopefully project gets selected->
May 27 – Jun 3 : Community bonding & Reading documentation.
Jun 3 – Jun 10 : Write the exact specifications for the gsoc project.
Jun 10 – Jun 30 : Dive into coding. Figuring out the best way to store routing data and get it to work.
July 1 – July 7 : Testing the code & Bug fixes.
July 7 – July 14 : Code cleaning & documentation.
July 14 – July 21 : Frame an algorithm which best suit on how frequent the map images can be deleted.
July 22 – July 29 : Implement the algorithm. Test & bug fix.
<-mid term evaluation->
Aug 4 – Aug 11 : Figure out the ideal way to store position on map on exit and restart.
Aug 11 – Aug 21 : Implement store position on exit and restart.
Aug 21 – Aug 31 : Test & Bug fix.
Sep 1 – Sep 7 : Validate a method to cache the downloads(if necessary) and get the GeoRSS enabled.
Sep 7 – Sep 14 : Code cleaning & documentation.
Sep 14 – Sep 27 : Buffer (code enhancements based on mentors advice)

Handling situations(in absence of mentor):
In the absence of my mentor I will still pursue to stick to my timeline. I will seek help from irc, mailing groups, stack overflow and my other fellow developer friends when in need. My ultimate goal would be to contribute useful code to the open source community.

I like solving problems @ projecteuler.net, codechef.
I am a pro biker. Four Square. Non-stop music. Football.