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Incredible Mysore

Mysore Trip4

It is always memorable when you go on trip with your friends. And Mysore trip turned out to be one memorable trip with my friends. This is how it all happened.

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GSOC – Melange Responsive UI Redesign


I propose to redesign the UI/UX of the Melange platform. For 5 years now, i guess the GSOC portal has been looking the same. There is lot of scope of improving the user experience and look and feel of the portal. I am looking forward to take that as my project for my summer with GSOC 14. Hope to bring a new experience for the GSOC’ers in the coming years.

1) Basics

1.1) Write a small introduction to yourself.

I am Russel. Right from my undergrad i have a craze for programming and i have explored different programming languages and kinds. i have been applying for last two pref years GSOC and i failed to make it in. This time i am determined to make it.

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Happy Blogging!


Everyone has their own weird definition of life. So here’s mine! For me, Life is doing things which matter most to me. Of course, by doing what matters to me the most i am happy. And only when i am happy, i can at least try to make people around me happy. To cut it short, I live to be happy :).

Sounds simple right but thats where the problem starts.

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OSM Pyroute Proposal

This is my proposal for the GSOC – OSM Pyroute.

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W3C Payswarm Proposal

BRIEF – Gsoc 2013

This is Russel Nickson.

I am a 23 year old lad from India with a great programming passion.

I am currently pursuing my masters in College of Engineering, Anna University, Chennai. I am from computer science background. I have a great interest for anything which relates to technology. I have had my experience of programming across different platforms which include Android, python, PHP, Java, Javascript, C, C++, to discover that my ultimate interest lie with web-technology.

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