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Russel Nickson

Hey guys, this is Russel Nickson!

Glad to e meet you. I’m a fun loving entrepreneur from India. I have a craze to do a lot of creative work. Having said so, i have bootstrapped a creative design and web development startup called Webdefy. It is based out chennai, India.

Please, consider to subscribe to my blog and stay updated with my very own experiences. And yes! thanks in advance for sharing my blog across on all social networks. Hope to connect with versatile folks across the globe.

I always look out for road trips and i will be sharing my experiences then and there.

Capturing moments is another activity which i frequent. Look out for nice clicks.

I am keen of being aware of most recent tech updates and would share the ones which amuse me.

Design is my passion and stay tuned for the most creative updates on design.


Contrary to what i am supposed to be really good at to put up a blog, I am not yet a proficient writer. But i am quite a dreamer and i think that will help me share my experiences of life through my blog. I am still not sure of what i am going to be posting in the coming days. This drives me to find interesting things i come across in my life, write it down as it comes and share it with you all. So, stay tuned!


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